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Re: Making bookbinding tools by hand

  After reading the posting from Yehuda I feel called upon to speak up
for those of us who are terminally inept when it comes to metal work. I
admire those who can do it, but, as I learned making my knives at North
Bennet St. School, in triple the time I can turn out a took a third as
good.  As a realist, my solution has been twofold.  First, I cultivate
handy friends, not only are they useful to know, they have proven to be
wonderful souls, time and time again.  Two. I scrounge. I talked my
dental hygenist into donating worn out dental tools (steralized) to me,
scooped up a number of gadgets from sewing catalogues, woodworkers
stuff, jeweller's tools, kitchen equipment, make-up kits (great source
of small, soft brushes), calligrapher's and sculpter's tools; you name
it, I can make off with it.  I can't make it, but I can, eventually,
find it.

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