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Bridwell Library of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist
AWARD FOR AMERICAN BOOKBINDING to take place in conjunction with a national
conference at Bridwell Library, June 15-17, 2000.

The exhibition is a juried show drawn from a competition to design a binding
for an important book in Bridwell's collections. The book for the second
Triennial is the first edition of James Joyce's, Ulysses--a seminal work,
recently named the most significant book of the twentieth century. Each
participating binder has submitted one binding as a sample of his/her work,
as well as an original design for Joyce's Ulysses. The First Prize, which
will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on June 16, 2000, is a
$5,000.00 commission to bind the book for Bridwell Library. Other prizes
will also be awarded on that evening. The exhibition consists of both the
sample bindings and the Ulysses designs from all the binders chosen for

 The conference includes presentations by Bridwell Conservator Sally Key and
by the winner of the 2000 DeGolyer Prize - Don Etherington - as well as
demonstrations on binding techniques by three notable American bookbinders:
Timothy C. Ely, Donald Glaister, and Laura Wait. The conference will also
provide plenty of time for fellowship and fun.

As a center for the book and the book arts, Bridwell Library hopes that this
regular national event will inspire and encourage the art of bookbinding in
the United States. We hope you will join us for the conference on
bookbinding June 15-17 at Bridwell Library in Dallas.


A fee of $65 per registrant is required. Included in this fee are the costs
of the conference, opening reception, and both lunches. The Saturday evening
banquet is $35 per person (3 course meal w/ 2 glasses of wine or beer). We
ask that participants preregister by May 1, 2000. After May 1, the
registration fee will be $75.

You may register for the conference by mail or fax. All faxed registration
must be accompanied by a VISA or MasterCard number, expiration date, and
authorized signature.

Please visit our web page at:
http://web.cis.smu.edu/~bridwell/Degolyer.htmlforcomplete, for details on
the conference and its registration form.

Contact:  Amber Sturgess, Administrative Assistant, Bridwell Library,
Southern Methodist University, P.O. Box 750476, Dallas, Tx  75275-0476
Phone: 214-768-3483  FAX: 214-768-4295  E-Mail: asturgess@mail.smu.edu

Ms. Sally P. Key
Conservator at Bridwell Library
Southern Methodist University
P.O. Box 750476
Dallas, TX  75275-0476
Tel. 214-768-3733    FAX 214-768-4295    E-Mail  skey@mail.smu.edu

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