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Re: national typefaces

Richard Miller wrote:

> Modern European countries probably lean heavily
> towards the use of faces which were designed and made by their nationals
> (It means people, Ron ;-) and I'm thinking particlarly of Sweden, the
> Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia here.

Being a Swedish letterpress printer and typographer, I have to disagree
with you on this one. It's true that there are a few typefaces that were
designed by Swedes (typefaces by Akke Kumlien and by Karl-Erik Forsberg)
but apart from Forsberg's "Berling Antikva" none of these are used
nowadays and were never actually considered to be "good" typefaces. The
reason? Their designs reflect the era in which they were designed and a
good typeface never does that.

Also, "Berling Antikva" has nothing "Swedish" about it at all - it's a
typical old-style typeface in the Griffo/Garamond tradition.

Mats Broberg

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