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book-related postage stamps

Regarding Eric Alstrom's question about postage stamps honoring books - S
correspondences from Luxembourg had lovely stamps of historical bookbindings
and I recall that several years ago, stamps were issued to commemorate the
Bibliotheque Nationale of Luxembourg. Back in 1982, when living in Paris, I
discovered a stamp which had been issued honoring "la Reliure" (bookbinding).
It was engraved with a rich dark umber ink on ivory background. France often
honors the arts of the book, as well as writers and artists, in its
commemorative postage. And on money, too! The newest 50-franc note, issued
some years ago, featured Antoine St-Exupery, his airplane and the Little
Prince, as well as the elephant.

Is anyone designing a stamp to honor the centenary of the Guild of

Paula Marie Gourley

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