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Re: Font conversion

Just found one at <http://www.download.com> called TransType. The demo
version does Mac -> PC and vice versa. The direct URL to the program is at

 From the developer: "TransType(tm) <http://www.fontlab.com/trt_main.htm>
is a small program for Mac and Windows which can convert Type 1 and
TrueType fonts between Mac and PC. Unlike other programs of this kind
TransType does the conversion with full respect to codepages, encodings,
font suitcases, bitmap fonts and other features specific to the Mac or PC
platform. Since it allows users to convert fonts in batch mode (two-way
conversion is possible as one operation) and creates absolutely correct
fonts TransType can be used to produce commercial-quality fonts. At a full
version retail price of $49.95."


>I've never heard of any freeware/shareware program that can do that -- and
>trust me, I've looked (and looked and looked... until I gave up looking).
>The only program that I'm aware of that's any good at that kind of stuff is
>Fontographer, although if anyone knows of any other(s) (freeware, shareware
>or just plain cheaper than Fontographer), I'd be interested in knowing, too!
>Ron :)

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