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Re: Archival ink jet inks

A good place to 'lurk' or read the FAQ's is the Epson list.
epson-inkjet-digest@leben.com Any questions posted here usually benefit from
responses from some very knowledgeable persons in the graphics industry.

There have been inks (not Epson) packaged and available for most inkjets that
have archival qualities for some time.
Inks have been tested and results posted on Henry Wilhelm's website.
Look for reference to "Lysonic" inks.  Hope this helps set you on a path to
more information.
Here's another source:
Jon Cone

Christine McCormick

Barbara Valenta wrote:

> An update on new Epson inks..I called 1-800-GO EPSON to inquire about the
> new inks which I had also heard advertised on the radio as producing prints
> that were as long-lasting as photos. Here's what the man with whom I spoke
> said..He said Epson has just come out with two new printers that will use
> these inks and that he had not heard of any plan to "retrofit" them for use
> in older printers-although if they did, it would probably be for "photo"
> Stylus types. He futher said that in order to call them archival they would
> have to last for 85 years but that these could be called long-lasting
> because they will last fifteen years, a significant improvement on the
> current inks said to last 2 to 3 years. I can't evaluate the accuracy of
> this info. one way or another but thought I'd pass it on in case others were
> interrested. If anyone on the list has been doing interesting things to use
> digital output to generate other kinds of prints that are more archival, I'd
> be very interested in hearing about it (I've already seen the Archives on
> this subject). B.E.Valenta
> At 04:19 PM 3/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >I was just in B&H photo in NYC and the salesperson there told me that
> >Epson was coming out with two new printers in a month that would use
> >archival ink.  I think one prints 8.5" wide and the other 11" wide.  He
> >said that he did not know if Epson would provide the same ink for older
> >printers but thought that they might.
> >

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