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world wide book arts/lettering art directory

I am planning a new section of my website
which will be a world wide directory of book arts/calligraphy/lettering art
places to go for travellers.

I am not talking about web based information - I mean the real `hard copy'
stuff. Locations of libraries displaying ancient manuscripts/artist
books/calligraphy. Galleries, art supply shops and all that sort of thing.

I need to be able to give exact addresses and telephone numbers so that
travellers can double check before they waste time going to the wrong places or
arriving to find closed doors. Opening days/hours would also be a bonus. Also
(mainly for libraries) if visitors need to book ahead.

I am trying to cover as many countries as people are likely to travel to, both
cities and smaller towns.

I will be thrilled to be hit with a deluge of information so I can begin sorting
it into some sort of order.

If this has already been done somewhere - please, oh p-l-e-a-s-e  STOP ME NOW!!!

Otherwise can you also help me think of a concise name for this section of the
website which will describe the information contained therein.

Many thanks

cecilia sharpley

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