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Re: Leaf casting

When I was working in the Paper Conservation Lab. of the "Eretz Israel"
Museum in Tel Aviv (from 1988 to 1997), one of my responsibilities was to
act as the "Leaf Caster".
We had a machine that was custom built according to the demands of Mrs.
Esther Boyd-Alkalay who was the director of the Laboratory.
It was very simple to work with, and in a good working day, I could do 15
It doesn't take more then few hours to "get the hang" of it.
If I remember well , the casting area was something around 40 x 70 cm.
One "run" took about 30 minutes, including the preparation of the pulp and
the organization of the leafs in the machine. Your friend will also need an
appropriate  mixer in order to prepare the pulp.

Mrs. Boyd-Alkalay independently manufactured few machines and sold them in
the States and Europe. (one of them in Italy). I think the price tag was
around $6000.-, but you'll have to talk to her about that. I'll give you
her phone # if you like. She lives in Giv'ata'im, Israel.
As far as I know, the machine is still there. There is only one worker now
in that Lab., Maryla Kon, whom I believe you met. You can call her at the
Museum (she doesn't have an e-mail account) at 03-641 5244. (ext. 234 or
One more thing, it consumes a lot of water ! I can't tell you how much
liters for one run, but maybe you'll get more specifications from Mrs.


Uri Kolodni
Bookbinding & Restoration
18 Zangwill St.
62599 Tel Aviv

tl: +972 3 544 2599
fx: +972 3 602 0668

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