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World Calligraphy&Book Arts Travel Guide

I am well on the way with my project and should have the beginning of it up
before the end of the week.

I have received many good suggestions for listings but would request the

Please do not ask me to obtain information from websites. This task is immense
enough in itself and I feel that as I am making no charge to anyone for
inclusion in the list, it will gradually evolve without me having to add to my
task by going out onto the www to gather my own information.

If you are suggesting locations to be listed would you please supply
1. The correct name of the establishment.
2. The correct address.
3. The phone number.
4. Opening days and hours.
5. A very brief description of what the venue contains (art supply
store/permanent exhibition/museum/etc).

I will not be listing anything to which I cannot attach a phone number.
I will not be listing websites.
I will not be listing anything which is not an 'open to the public' sort of
place, although I am happy to affix "phone for appointment/by appointment
 I will not be listing societies or guilds unless they themselves request
me to as it would add greatly to the burden of our already overworked voluntary
office bearers if they were expected to be travel guides as well.

The aim of this list is to be the sort of thing where travellers can arrive in
a city - lob into the nearest internet cafe - log onto my website and scribble
down a few phone numbers so that they can organise their next few days

cecilia sharpley

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