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novice question

I am new to bookarts and to the list. Recently I have acquired a lot of =
beautiful, thick leather and I would like to make myself a journal, using =
the leather itself as a cover with exposed stitching, and wrapping the =
cover closed with a leather tie. I have seen a number of these books =
recently--they are frequently called "medieval," although I don't know how =
accurate it is.=20
Do I have to sew the signatures together first and then into the leather, =
or do I sew each signature in as I go? Do I use a running stitch, or do I =
sew in each signature and begin with a new thread? While the book is =
fairly unconstructed, the spine has to have some definition.  I have tried =
several of these books, and my success seems to depend on the thickness of =
the leather.=20
Can anyone educate me on these books? I have several bookbinding books, =
but can't find an example. Thank you so much.
--Marina Parascenzo-Brush
Seattle, WA

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