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Rare William Stafford Books

Hi, all.

The following is a press release from Copper Canyon Press where I am
privileged to work as a volunteer. If you are interested in buying one
of these books (which I drool over every time I go there) then please
tell Joseph that I sent you. They are currently considering hiring me
for a paying position and anything I can do to raise the value of moi
in their minds will be helpful.

Kathie Meyer

22 March 2000

contact:    Joseph Bednarik


For twenty-eight years Copper Canyon Press has operated out of a
turn-of-the-century cannon foundry at Fort Worden State Park in Port
Townsend, Washington. Devoted to the publication of poetry, it is
considered one of the nation’s most prestigious independent presses.
Over the years Copper Canyon has presented work by Nobel laureates
Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, Odysseas Elytis, and Czeslaw Milosz, as well
as renowned American writers Jim Harrison, Carolyn Kizer, Hayden
Carruth, Kay Boyle, and W. S. Merwin.

In 1981, founding editor Sam Hamill worked with the late William
Stafford to create a letterpressed, hand-bound, edition of Stafford’s
poetry. One of America’s most beloved poets, Stafford was a professor
at Lewis and Clark College and Poet Laureate of Oregon. He died in
Two hundred fifty signed copies of Sometimes Like a Legend were
published and sold. Forty copies were left unbound and stored away in a
cabinet at the Press. And subsequently forgotten.

Nineteen years later, newly-arrived publisher Thatcher Bailey made it
his mission to renovate and upgrade Copper Canyon Press offices,
replacing aging office equipment, building new offices, and organizing
a quarter-century’s accumulation of manuscripts, broadsides, books, and
papers. “The cleanup,” he said, “ was a dusty, at times quite painful,
and occasionally cathartic exercise. And one of the great rewards was
the discovery of these signed, unbound copies of William Stafford’s

Copper Canyon Press sent the loose pages and all the original binding
materials to Marsha Hollingsworth, the same master bookbinder who put
together the original copies. “The book is absolutely beautiful,”
remarked Bailey. “And it is great to get the rest of the edition out in
the world.”

Sam Hamill, who makes all editorial decisions at the Press, is also
pleased by the discovery. “We’ve always had a special commitment to the
region and Bill was one of the great voices of the Pacific Northwest.
It was an honor to work with him on this project.”

For information about Sometimes Like a Legend, please contact Copper
Canyon Press at 360-385-4925 or poetry@coppercanyonpress.org.

# # #

Title: Sometimes Like a Legend
Author: William Stafford
Publication date: 1981
Price:  $125.00
Dealer discount:  20% (nonreturnable)
Quantity left: 27

The relevant sections of the colophon read as follows:

"Two hundred and ninety copies were printed on Nideggen paper by Sam
Hamill. The type is Goudy's Italian Old Style and was composed monotype
by Scott Freutel at the Spring Valley Press.

The binding is quarter natural cloth and Canson ivy paper over boards
and was executed by Marsha Hollingsworth.

The entire edition is signed by the poet; twenty-six copies were bound
with Canson endsheets, lettered A-Z, and contain a poem in holograph."

"If I were blind, I would still take pleasure in holding a beautiful book."

--Sylvester De Sarcy

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