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World Calligraphic & Book Arts Travel Guide

Working on my belief that `great oaks from little acorns grow', I have uploaded
the scant beginnings of the World Calligraphic & Book Arts Travel Guide. I'm
sorry about the unwieldy name but in spite of many great names suggested, none
of them made it clear that it was a `real world' travel guide covering lettering
and book arts.

Initially there is information for USA, France, Canada, Czech Republic.
Australia and New Zealand information (co-ordinated by Gemma Black for the past
couple of years under the name of the Australasian Lettering Link) can be
accessed through this guide as well as from the home page of the website.

I do hope that this section will become a useful tool for prospective travellers
(I've already been faxing pages to anxious jetsetters). The way I seem to keep
digging ditches for myself it will be a miracle if I ever manage to travel any
further than my own front gate!

I must thank Paul Werner for giving me permission to use information from his
website  http://pages.nyu.edu/~ptw1 and Cynthia Garinther who will include on
her site http://www.cynscribe.com anyone listed in the guide who has a website.

Please keep the information coming but don't forget to include
Name/Address/Phone Number/BRIEF comment.

With bleary eyes

cecilia sharpley

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