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Travel Guide Follow Up

I am getting a good response with additions for the World Calligraphic & Book
Arts Travel Guide which is the latest addition to the website

But.... many people are sending me information without phone numbers. Some are
offering email addresses and websites where I can gather extra information.

I wish to stress:
I will NOT list anything without a telephone number.

This directory is for `real world travellers' who may arrive in a strange place
with half a day to spare and they will need to speak to a real live human being
in order to confirm that the information contained in the travel guide is
correct and perhaps to ask about entry fees etc.

Email addresses change so frequently and a bounced email can lose valuable time.
It is imperative that this directory remains as accurate as is humanly (this
human actually) possible or it will be of no use to man or beast.

I am also not going to trawl all over the www to gather phone numbers etc. This
guide is taking an enormous amount of my time and I don't feel at all guilty in
asking all you out there to take a little of YOUR time to give me ALL the
necessary information.

You will benefit from it in the end!


cecilia sharpley

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