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Re: Weights

A few more suggestions about weights:

Smooth beach or river stones, flat on one side.

Sand inside little velvet bags. Make an interior bag of tightly woven cotton
like chintz, then a velvet one that slips around the original and is sewn
closed. Great as a light weight when sewing sections or for paper mending.
(Another reason to go to the beach!)

Boxes of any manageable size (I make my own) filled with lead shot. I found
25-pound bags of this in a sports shop, for about $12. The boxes can be
covered in paper or leather, once assembled.

And a caution about melting down type. Once I did this on a hot plate, and
while moving the container, splashed hot lead onto my wrist. It went under my
watch band and burned a dime-sized hole in my skin before I could undo the
strap. Also, be aware that lead fumes are VERY dangerous.

Paula Marie Gourley

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