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Binder needed

Hello to the list,

I have received the following inquiry, for a binder for about 500 books.  If
you are interested and able, please contact this person direct....I'm just
taking the liberty of making her needs known ...... Regards to all, Karen L.
"...  I'm in need of some
direction in terms of selecting a book bindery.  I need to produce 500
coffee table books -- extremely high end, actual photographs in each
one, a substantial amount of design and craftsmanship with rich leather
materials, marble endleaf, etc.  I believe this will have to be hand
done.  Can you make some recommendations please?  I look forward to your


Patrice Shapiro
Kaeser and Blair
30 Bernard Drive
Basking Ridge, NJ  07920
tel: 908-647-3715
fax: 908-647-4258

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