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Listing sites w/me


I just wanted to sort of introduce myself and explain why I joined the list.

I am Maggie Johnston, owner of Venus Publishing in Nevada.

We started about 6 months ago, and our first books are just being completed
and being prepared to sell.  I am very new to the publishing industry
(although I've been writing for years), and felt this list might help me
learn more about this.

I have several online outlets I am going through, besides setting up my own

On my site I would like to set up a links/information page... my area of the
country is limited... we're 200 miles from the nearest mall, so you can
imagine people have a hard time finding things they need.

I spoke to one bookstore here in town and she asked me if I did any book
repair... of course we don't, but I told her I would look into it.  If
anyone is interested I know that is a link I would like to include on the
site, if anyone out there would like to advertise through my site for your
services let me know.  Like I said, we are limited in our area, but I am not
interested in charging for the ad's, its just something to help people out.
I don't want a commission on the work, but I thought it might help people
out.  The only thing I do ask is that if I have a question or might need
some help (we're rather new at this...) that some patient soul would be
willing to throw in some needed advice now and again!

Anyone interested in learning more about my area... can go to:
This will take to you the development authority (who I also work for, they
told me not to quit my day job.. ha ha).

I am hoping to get the page up and going here within a week or so.  I am
very excited about this venture and look foward to working with anyone
interested in linking w/us!!  I do have an info page for those that want to
link w/us, just click below and I'll see that you get one!



Maggie Johnston
Venus Publishing

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