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Re: weights

Tracy wrote:

>      I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned using type from a hell box, but
>this, or lead shot can also be used to fill weights. Small pigs of lead are
>good too.

Since we're in a printshop: Furniture is what printers use to fill in the
non-printing space around the type to be locked up in a chase or frame,
prior to inking up, and it's usually wood or metal. Metal furniture makes
excellent small weights, also useful for propping up the sides of boxes
under construction. It comes in a dozen or more sizes from 1/2 inch or so
square up to 3 or 4 inches wide by 7 or 8 long. Mine are about 2 x 2 and 1
x 4. All of them are about 3/4 of an inch high. I wrapped mine with a light
wax paper held with tape to avoid oil or rust stains. They fit snugly in
corners. They also are good for helping paper relax.


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