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Re: Weights


The chat on weights has intrigued me.
And I would like to apologize for the
length of my justification for not worrying
about lead.

But a new development came to mind today
as I took my Jimmy to the shop for some work.

While at the garage I noticed a muffler bender,
and I began to look at it.  It is a hydraulic machine
and it uses heavy steel to make the bends in
exhaust piping.  Now some of the "forms" are
very heavy, but the best I saw was a semicircular
form about 6 or 7 inches in height, it weighs, in my
opinion about 15 lbs.

Several of these might do well in pressing, so I
inquired of the shop boss how I might obtain
such items.  He said that they are not cheap
but sometimes a shop may have spares or
slightly marred forms that they might consider
selling or giving away.  He also mentioned used
car lots and junk metal dealers.

Hope this helps anyone who needs alterative weights,
apart from the press (although a nice French Press
would handle a books whose sheets are Folio
Imperial or Double Elephant.)

Cheers, and don't forget Tartan Day on April 6th.
(Where your kilt, and be proud of your Scottish ancestry!)

Rommel John Miller
Sept of Clan MacFarlane

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