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One of the best ways to Fool April is to attend the first International
Edible Books High/Low Tea. . Yep, you read right.  Edible books. . As in,
gnaw on a novel, chomp on a chapbook, scarf science fiction, pack away
poetry, munch on a memoir, and as for autobiographies, well, you are what
you eat.  If you happen to be anywhere on Foopril, the same sorta shindig
will be exfoliatin' not only in Los Angeles, but also in San Francisco,
Chicago, New York,  San Diego, Tucson, Iowa City, Findlay (OH) as well as
Australia, France and possibly, England and Japan.  (And if you're in none
o' the above, many of the events will be documented and put online post
facto--or, if you would delecto--and ultimately published by Umbrella
Editions, co-sponsor of the cross-country oral gratification with Colophon
Page.  Be there or go hungry--and fair warning: It's a high tea, so at 4
p.m. local time, promptly, the edibooks that had been on view for the
previous two hours will be served up to all and sundry.  You may get
seconds, however, if you come dressed as a silverfish.
        (Peter Frank: LA Weekly, 31 March - 6 April 2000)
Judith A. Hoffberg                         tel.:       (310)399-1146
Umbrella/Umbrella Editions          fax:       (310)399-5070
P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica CA 90408
Let a smile be your umbrella!

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