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bookarts posting

We have added some new information on
<<<http://www.papershops.com/papershops/bookarts/index.htm>>> which is part of
papershops.com. We think most of this information will be new to this list.
Have fun.

1       BOOKMAKING AND JOURNALING -- here is a place to buy 18 books on these

2       BOOKMOMS.COM -- We are not sure who sponsors bookmoms.com --- but they
evidently love books and everything about books. If you go to their RESOURCES
page, you will find 10 categories. Numbers in ( ) show  how many links in each
category. There are a total of 265 links for you to choose from! Another place
to spend your next two week vacation.
Visit: http://www.bookmom.com/dir/index.htm

3       DISCOVER BOOKBINDING -- A one-screen exposition on bookbinding that has lots
of links to very good information
on the subject. Tells about libraries, information sheets, book repair
information, websites, a book search engine,
societies, personal pages, binderies and printers, bookbinding services, The
Bookbinder's Toolbox, and The Bookbinder's Library. All put up by Chris
Lipscombe. You can spend weeks visiting all the places he recommends.
Visit: http://webnz.com/red/book.htm

4       MANUSCRIPT AND DOCUMENT LIBRARIES --- Here are seven places in the USA you
might like to visit if they are nearby -- or if you are on a vacation. They
are all in very attractive buildings and are truly worthwhile.

5       MIGHTYWORDS.COM --- HERE IS A WONDERFUL BOOK SITE  -- This has to be on of
the best ideas on the internet -- or in the world for that matter. In my
opinion, this will revolutionize the publishing world.

6       PAPERBACK BOOK BINDING KIT --- Quick and easy paperback bookbinding for
writers and others who want to see their words in print. <<<http://www.papershops.com/papershops/tools/bindingkit.htm>>>

7       PAPERCRAFT AND BOOK ARTS -- This site says they are "Purveyors of Papercraft
and Book Arts since 1993" -- but
I will bet this couple were making things out of paper before they went to
kindergarten. They have a good list of links to
various sites on those topics under their "inspiration" button. They also have
some unusual papercraft kits for sale, a list of their dealers, and a schedule
of their workshops from Florida to California. Visit:

8       THIS TO THAT --- This has got to be one of the most interesting applications
we've seen on the net. We wish we'd have
thought of it ourselves. This simple site allows you to input 2 multiple
choice parameters -- One is a "This" and one is a "That" meaning, I want to
glue "This" to "That". It then comes back with a quick response telling you
the best method. For example, we wanted to glue "Paper" to "Leather" -- it
gave us the following reply. "We recommend: 3M 77 - A less toxic alternative
is: Sobo or Rhoplex - But it would make the paper wrinkle. For a non-toxic and
absolutely wrinkle free result, we recommend: Yamato Sticking Paste." All of
these answers come with links to pages with detailed information on the
products mentioned. Visit: http://www.thistothat.com/

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Websites: http://www.modelshops.com and http://www.papershops.com and

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