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Travel Guide is up

The first entries for the Calligraphy & Books Arts World Travel Guide are
available for you to make use of. You will find the link on the opening page of


At the moment we have a growing list for USA and France, with Canada and Czech
Replublic begun, and Australia & New Zealand information linking to the
Australasian Lettering Link which has been in existence for quite a while now,
thanks to Gemma Black and the reps who have been feeding her the information for
me to add.

For websites belonging to the places listed, you will probably find them on
Cynthia Garinther's amazing collection at


I hope you will all make use of this real world travel guide and help me to fill
in the many gaps. There is no fee for being listed in the guide. If you have
additions for me please make sure that you include the correct name, address,
phone number, opening hours/days (if possible) and a BRIEF comment.

Happy travelling.

Happy travelling.

cecilia sharpley

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