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Re: weights & presses

We use alot of weight lifting weights (the disks) anything from 1 to 50
pounds. They are clean flat and easily stackable. Yielding a reasonably
heavy long term pressing weight (50 to over 100 pounds)if you want. The
rounded edges make them easy to pick up and move around. We got most of ours
from yards sales and the want ads (from people who gave them up).

Less expensive (free) pretty and easy to use are the slabs and pieces of
marble, granite etc that are thrown out by stonecutters. Look under stone in
the yellow pages. Or people that make headstones, granite counter tops etc.
Their dumpsters often have an amazing amount of material they are just

For presses we also have used the small hydraulic presses like the type used
in sheet metal / auto body shops. Small ones (table top size) generate up to
a ton or so of pressure and cost less than $60.00. They are quite sturdy but
VERY ugly. They also have a large throat opening up to 18 - 36 inches so
long term pressing of many books is possible. You will have to make a
platform and a platen for them though., But this is easy to do out of thick
sanded plywood. Larger models (floor size) have quite large openings and
generate seveal tons of pressure. Many cost under $200.00. The only
disadvantage to the smaller cheaper units is that they do not have a gauge
that tells you how much pressure your developing as you pump them up. The
larger floor size models usually do. These things can be purchased from
suppliers of sheet metal / autobody shops etc. Many of whom produce

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