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Re: type on eBay - wood type ? was: RE: weights

I emphatically agree and some who sell on eBay are also using it as a venue
to find people who will use type rather than having to dump it. I have seen
furniture, quoins, full unused fonts, wood type, as well as presses for
auction on eBay. Some of it is junk and some not.

Speaking of this, I have a question. Does anyone know what the going rate
is for wood type? I am assuming that it is not produced any longer and is
therefore a finite resource.


>As a sometime letterpress printer, I hope that people will take the very
>good suggestions to use diving weights, marble or steel scrap, wrapped
>bricks, etc., and forego the idea of melting down lead type - it is
>getting scarce enough as it is, and while there are probably some faces
>out there (Courier?) that if melted down would be no loss to anyone, there
>are also a lot of cool ones that have gone for scrap and are lost to those
>of us who want them.
>On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Simrat K. Khalsa wrote:
>> >I use my Random House Dictionary for a weight, sometimes with a
>> >cloth-covered brick on top.
>> >
>> >Where does one get printer's furniture, or damaged or for that matter, any,
>> >lead type?
>> >
>> >Nan Roberts
>> >North Redwood Book Arts Guild
>> >Eureka, Calif.
>> Nan,
>> You might check http://www.ebay.com. You can do a search for "letterpress'
>> or look under Everything Else: Equipment: Printing in their categories.
>> There is a lot of letterpress stuff there.
>> Simrat

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