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I am wondering if any one on the list might have suggestions for making the
foredge of a multisignature book come out smooth.  Of course one solution is
to use a guilloutine, but I have neither space nor access to one.

I generally work with full size sheets which I first cut to a little over
the desired final height on a Kuttrimmer, cutting 6-8 sheets at a time (or
however many I want in the finished signatures).  Next I cut the very wide
sheets to a little over twice the desired width of the pages and fold them
in half to make the sections.  After pressing them for a few days I trim
them to height and width on the Kuttrimmer.  But no matter how careful I am,
I can never get the pages nestled in completely tight, so after they are
sewn each section has a slight V shape as the inmost pages get pulled in
tighter than they were when the sections were trimmed.

Of course one solution is to just say that's the way they are and not worry
about it, but I thought someone out there might have some suggestions.  I'd
like to make some smooth textblocks so I could try marbling on them.

Another approach is to take the large sheets and fold them up and cut them
with a knife into the sections.  I think that is how a classic octavo is
made.  I experimented with that some before I got my Kuttrimmer and never
got anything better than acceptable--and ripped a lot of pages that were
unusable.  There's got to be a trick to it. Even today you sometimes see a
book with rough edges like that.  How do they do it?  I think it has an
interesting look, though I actually find them something of a nuisance to
read because I have to think too much about turning the page.

Other thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or tricks?

Petersburg, Alaska

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