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Re: Attaching boards with sewing, cords, tapes?

--- "Melissa L. Hatalsky" <missyh@MIDTEL.NET> wrote:
> Would it be suitable for
> a book that would have daily use?  Personal opinions
> wanted.  :)

>From my personal experience with daily use of coptic
bound books (sewn into the cover boards to attach the
text block) I would have to say I have found no
problem with the stitching wearing. I have read in a
few books where it was stated these exposed spine
structures weren't as stable but I don't agree. I have
seen wear on the paper at the corners/edges of boards,
etc. but no problem with the stitching. I carry one as
a daily journal in my purse, luggage, etc. They don't
exactly get kid glove treatment but I've been very
happy with it.

C. Carlene Taylor
Taylor Maide Designs

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