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Re: Question about Glues


More than you'll ever want to know about how to glue one thing to another.

Rikki Mitman

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From:   Fred Chang [SMTP:ferrycommuter@YAHOO.COM]
Sent:   Wednesday, April 05, 2000 11:57 AM
Subject:        Question about Glues

Hi.  Can anyone please refer me to a good source of
information on glues and pastes?

I have been using wheat paste because it's available,
economical and doesn't seem to rely on any animal
byproducts or synthetic chemicals like formaldehyde.
However, the paste that I've been using doesn't seem
terribly flexible.  It will crack if you open the
spine (of a multi-signature text block) too wide.

Is a gelatin-based glue more durable and flexible?


Fred Chang
Port Orchard, WA

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