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Re: Question about Glues

Questions. How thick is the paste, how thickly are you brushing it on and
how are you working it onto the spine? What kind of paper/books? Are you
lining the spine?

A: you don't need much
B: I use mine so it is easily brushed
C: Brush onto spine, work into spaces between folds and then use a bone
folder to "CAREFULLY" smooth out the spine. Whip away excess paste.
D: When dry to the touch, gently shape spine to desired shape and line with
material of choice. Depending on book this could be Japanese paper to act
as a barrier, or muslin/linen between tapes. After rounding/shaping, the
preliminary lining, and endbanding, I'll generally put a paper lining down
the length of the spine.

Hide/gelatin glue will have some of the same problems, especially if
applied to thickly/the glue is too thick.

Coated papers could also be a problem as the adhesive may not penetrate as

If these are new books, I would see no reason not to use PVA. Again, just
don't put it on to thick (you don't need it). It's probably the most
flexible adhesive around. Also remember to support the structure with
appropriate linings.


>I have been using wheat paste because it's available,
>economical and doesn't seem to rely on any animal
>byproducts or synthetic chemicals like formaldehyde.
>However, the paste that I've been using doesn't seem
>terribly flexible.  It will crack if you open the
>spine (of a multi-signature text block) too wide.
>Is a gelatin-based glue more durable and flexible?

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