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Re: Foreedges


I thought you'd get many responses, so I've just been lurking. Well...

Sounds like you looking for 'no special equipment' methods. There are
several abrasive methods you can try. Clamp your book block tightly between
boards (scrap plywood is good) and file the edges flat. File (or sand)
perpendicular to the page edges. If you go parallel, paper fibers will be
forced between the pages even when you have them tightly clamped.

Filing or sanding by hand is time consuming. Clamping to a solid surface
(still sandwiched between boards) and sanding with a belt sander is
efficient. Again, run the belt perpendicular to the page edges.

The 'ripping' you mention is more reliably done as slitting. Fold the sheet
and slit the fold open with a pallet knife, knife or bone folder. Try
different (thick, thin, sharp and blunt) tools with different paper to get
the effect you like best. You can also wet the fold before slitting.

This does demand a little more attention to page turning but it is still
very functional and so, stays on my list of design options.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

(510) 727-9131

>From: Joyce Jenkins <joycej@CI.PETERSBURG.AK.US>

>I am wondering if any one on the list might have suggestions for making the
>foredge of a multisignature book come out smooth.  Of course one solution is
>to use a guilloutine, but I have neither space nor access to one.

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