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Re: type on eBay - wood type ? was: RE: weights

The Hamilton Company is still in business, though they no longer make wood type. They did donate a whole floor of one of their buildings to the local historical society for a museum. The community wanted to save the heritage of the wood type. They have all the old machines used to make wood type and have a "working" museum that is capable of producing wood type. They have patterns and the people in town that worked there. They are working hard to preserve the knowledge and skills. They hope to eventually make and sell type or type related products.

The museum is impressive they have millions of pieces of wood type, many patterns including Hamilton, but others also. They plan to eventually expand to other printing related information and history also.

It is a local grass roots effort. Not much funding and alot of hard work from volunteers. If you live nearby or plan a trip you should see it. It's free, no admission. It is located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.


If you want to donate anything, they would love to get it. Email TRHistory@woodtype.org.

The volunteers that give tours are all local people and many used to work at Hamiltons. It is very impressive to see a community work to save their heritage. They actually have 3 museums in the little town.

PS My father is very active in the historical society, I am proud of what they have done.

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