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To  book artists out there who so earnestly put their heart into their
work, here are comments forwarded to me by one of the people who spent all
one afternoon looking at the entries in BOOK EXPLORATIONS 2000  "The Story:
Telling it My Way":

......." a truly memorable experience we would never have known about...so
hard to describe, even frustratingly so...been trying to tell others about
it all week !  The depth, the power, the creativity - it was just an
experience, a tour de force.  There was such breadth and variety in the
exhibit: intimate testimonies of pain and suffering, philosophical musings,
light hearted humor, excruciating  pathos - all expressed through art.  The
pieces reflect the gamut of daily life and accordingly are relevant to what
we know. Yet, in the hands of the creative artist (these) are lifted up and
liberated into works of art.   What a message about the indomitable human
spirit and victory of beauty....thank you, so very much."

Other viewers who lived nearby returned to the exhibit bringing different
friends each time and acted as private tour directors to their group,
their awe and delight with the 80 or so books on display as they pointed out
the unique features of each to the uninitiated. They were like flies around
the most delicious honey, if you'll pardon the expression.

And so, I can only say that curating the exhibit was, in retrospect, well worth
the hours of paperwork, phone conversations, email and snail mail detail, the
unpacking, the packing, etc etc etc.  Thankyou again to all those who
believed enough to share their talents.

BEST to you all  !

Lilias,  coodinator for
The New Art Forum
Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop
BOOK EXPLORATIONS 2001:  WordWiseWorld.CreationOfMinds

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