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Re: Adhesives: Water reversible EVA.

With recent discussions on the various available adhesives, no mention has
been made of  the relatively recent water reversible EVA, ethylene vinyl
acetate.   This is an especially formulated EVA which is made to be
reversible with water after it is completely dry.  Once wettened, it
whitens up almost immediately, and becomes completely re-workable in a short
period of time.

It is pH neutral, and thus its use is obvious for conservation purposes.  We
have taken it on mainly for spine work, and, where necessary, we add a note
at the end of the volume that it is this type of adhesive which has been
used on the spine.

Unfortunately, water-reversible adhesive is expensive, as considerably
smaller quantities are made by the adhesive companies.  It  has been quite
uneconomical for us to buy 20 litres (c4.5 gallons), as it is not made in
Australia, but imported from, we think, the USA.  Consequently, and after
much experimentation, we developed our own water reversible EVA in our
workshop here in Sydney.

Talas or Bookmakers probably have their own version of it in the USA, and a
very good formula is sold by Conservation by Design in the UK.

Although PVA is traditionally used by bookbinders, it is in fact EVA which
is mainly used in making this water reversible formula.  EVA is a grade up
from PVA, and is so made for its additional gripping power.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

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