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Re: Size Question

--- Kevin Thomas <kevinthomas33@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> A question more for you printers out there. Is there
> an "official" or standard size for broadsides?  Want
> to print up some broadsides, but am confused about the
> size.

I'm not really a printer, but lately I've been handling broadsides in a
job I do.

They come in all sizes. The smallest I have here is 5x6" and the
largest is (approximately) 12x15". I think the determining factor of
size is the design, type size, graphic, etc.. Choose the size that best
sets off the design of the broadside, I imagine.

I love them.

Kathie Meyer

"If I were blind, I would still take pleasure in holding a beautiful book."

--Sylvester De Sarcy

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