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Re: Foredges

I still prefer the old Japanese method I learned when I was an apprentice
to a Master in Kyoto (name/place dropping is allowed, isn't it?). After
sewing and preparing the spine, sharpen your best knife, mark up the cut
line, hold down a heavy ruler like grim death, and cut the pages by hand.
If you think , "I'm only slicing one page at a time." you'll relax and
swing from the shoulder and your edge-cutting will be "like butta!"


> The
>signatures can then be trimmed in a board shear for the rough affect, or sewn
>and then guillotined or ploughed.
>Although there are some excellent tools for ploughing an edge, the old method
>was to clamp the book square in a lying press and use a sharp chisel laid on
>the cheek. The chisel was slid along, trimming one or two sheets at a time.
>The edge may still require scraping and/or sanding.
>Good Luck,

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