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Artists' and writers' collaborative in France's Midi


Artists' and writers' collaborative in France's Midi

Montolieu, Book Village, in sight of the Pyrenees, is set up
for writer-artist collaborations and Book Arts practitioners.
Theme: Between Two Rivers [Bold]
Week One, July 3-9: CAROLE MASO, director of Brown's Creative Writing and
author of Ava, Defiance, Aureoles, to lead writing workshops for peers;
MOLLIE FAVOUR of Penlands and Anderson Ranch, landscape painter, to lead
artists' work.  Terroir  brings wines and products from Languedoc markets to
tease our palates.
Week Two, July l0-17: Book Artists--printmakers, writers, artists, binders,
letterpress printers--create a book, inventing our own art elements. Text
from Carole Maso's group supplied. Production  completed in one week.
All participants receive a copy of the limited edition.  Participants stay
at the Hotel des Ecrivaines in the medieval village.  Program under auspices
of Waverly Ecole des Arts Vivants.
$1500/six days includes everything but transportation.
desthepest@cyber-quest.com or 607-565-8317 for information.

And here's the poster for the Book Arts week:

Experience Book Arts in France's Midi

WEAV--Waverly Ecole des Arts Vivants--
 will host a Book Arts workshop
at Atelier du Marc, Montolieu France
Monday July 10-Sunday July 16, 2000.

Printmakers, writers, book artists, binders
create a limited edition book in six intense days.

Text by well-known author Carole Maso provided.
Aspen artist Mollie Favour and
Iowa-trained book artist Jocelyn Webb
will facilitate.
All art elements and production created by participants, on site.
Participants will be guests at Hotel des Ecrivaines.

$1500 per participant includes everything but transportation.

For more information contact:
Waverly Ecole des Arts Vivants (WEAV)
l05 Chemung Street
Waverly, New York 14892

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