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Photo-gravure as roto-gravure

I am trying to find information on how older commercial rotogravure
presses were designed and constructed and what they looked like.
Nowadays rotogravure is mainly used for packaging and v.large print runs
of magazines (and the printing cylinder costs a fortune to etch &
prepare), but in the first quarter of the century the technique was
often used for art reproduction in colour or black and white. I have in
front of me 2 folio volumes on garden architecture where the text is
letterpress printed and the photos of old mansion and castle gardens are
printed in rotogravure. The span between the whitest and blackest parts
of the photos are absolutely breathtaking for photos printed on a paper
approximately equivalent to Mohawk Superfine Eggshell. The black has a
very very beautiful and rich "velvet" look.

If anyone of you have worked with this technique in a printing plant or
can point me to any source of information, please contact me off-list.

Mats Broberg

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