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(Fwd) Artist books in Paris?

Anybody ?

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Date sent:              Fri, 14 Apr 2000 10:04:19 -0400
From:                   Tamar Stone & Bob Eckstein <eckstein@pipeline.com>
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Organization:           Picturetown, Inc.
To:                     knops@xs4all.nl
Subject:                Artist books in Paris?


First I just wanted to - WHAT A TERRIFIC site! Finally, a place
with a
lot of really terrific book informatin - thank you!!

I was wondering if you had any information - or could tell me a place
where I could look - on "artist books" - in Paris.

I am a book artist from NYC - planning a trip to Paris in May - and
would like to find some places that might actually be interested in -
if not purchasing - at least looking at some artist books.

One site that I found - that was really interesting was the Directory
of French Booksellers: http://www.franceantiq.fr/books1/annu-

But, I wasn't able to locate any artist book info there.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this e-mail - it is
appreciated! and feel free to pass along this message to anyone
might be able to point me the right direction!


Tammy Stone

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