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South of France


Thank you a million times over for all of your wonderful Paris information.=20=
It was truly invaluable last year =E2=80=A6 and we met some really great peo=
ple as a=20

Now for this year=E2=80=94we will be in the South of Franch; specifically be=
Avignon and west to Toulouse via Carcassonne.  I think there is some=20
papermaking workshop going on, but not until August (darn!).  If you or any=20
of the other members of my two "lists" who have been copied on this message=20
have any suggestions either book-, calligraphy-, paper-, or other-wise, I=20
would be very grateful to have that information.

I have checked Cynthia's site, which is also VERY helpful, but I was=20
wondering if there were other tidbits about which someone might know and not=
have as much information as that for which she was asking.

Thanks to all in advance!

in Southern California (...and what's with the rain in APRIL?!?!?!?)

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