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Re: Corner Rounder Question

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Check how the metal framework cage that holds the blade is sitting.  In my
tabletop corner rounder sometimes a couple of the cut-off board corners have
gotten underneath the metal cage, causing it to sit at a slight angle and not
cut perfectly.  We try to remember to clean ours out before every use.

Also pay attention to whether the blade is pulling on the stack of pages as it
cuts through. If this is the case, it probably means you need to have the blade
sharpened, This wouldn't be unusual if you haven't used it in awhile, especially
if you live in a humid environment at all.  There could be a slight rust coat on
the blade which would have dulled it somewhat.

John Tewell wrote:

> I have a "Southworth" corner rounder that I have had for a long time and just
> started to use.
> ....        Any suggestions on how to make sure the cuts are square?

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