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Binding CATALOGS etc. on eBay

Hi everybody,

I've just listed another dozen+ books on eBay, all truly visual treats!  Most
are exhibition catalogs I've collected over the years, and a couple are
visual histories.  You will find a few modest catalogs, and some v-e-r-y
glitzy books. Included are some guild exhibition catalogs, a Tregaskis
catalog, Sotheby auction catalog (400 pages of books!), and more.

You can look, no obligation, by copying and pasting the following site....it
will take you to ONE of the books I listed, and then from there you can see
the whole list by clicking on "See Seller's Other Auctions".

It's easy to view, no obligation, and easier still to 'register' with eBay if
you decide to bid.

Take a look at:


Regards, Karen L. Crisalli

P.S. This auction will be on eBay for the next ten days

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