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small scale e-commerce comes of age

Hi folks,
The last time I mentioned how to use the amazon.com z-shops and ebay
generated a lot of interest and this may too.   I recently got the means to
take credit cards, it isn't half as expensive or hard as I thought it might
be, and have gone all the way with a complete internet storefront complete
with shopping cart.  The best news is that the store and shopping cart are
all completely free.  Check it out by first visiting my storefront at <a
href="http://dtfletcher.safeshopper.com/">click to visit
dtfletcher.safeshopper.com to order DT Fletcher books online!</a>

I took some time considering where to host my store and, at least so far,
have been extremely pleased with the freemerchant.com site.  It actually
provides more than most of the pay sites, as long as you  are willing to
do-it-yourself. No html needed.

Business has been very good (about twice what I expected). I direct customers
to the site from my regular website and from newsgroups - like this one.
With Freemerchant.com there really is no reason for every bookartist to have
their art available for sale on the internet.  With enough interest, there
should be a freemarket community dedicated to the art with banner exchanges,
DT Fletcher

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