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Update: Tabellae & Letter Arts Review

Tabellae Ansata Update

Tabellae Ansata Vol 1, No 3 (Winter 2000) has now been mailed to all Letter
Arts Club Members and Tabellae Ansata subscribers. A large number of Tabellae
Ansata subscribers received only a John Neal, Bookseller JNB Winter 2000
Update Catalog in error. A second mailing to those subscribers has been made
and those subscribers should receive the Winter 2000 Tabellae Ansata soon.
Thank you for your patience

Tabellae Ansata subscribers will receive all the issues left on their
subscription. If you wish to renew early at the special rate, you may.

Shareen's cancer is in remission. She is up and about again, but has not
regained all her energy. The prognosis is good. She will contribute articles
on bookmaking to future issues!

If you are interested in writing articles for future Tabellae Ansata issues,
please contact me via email. Tabellae publishes how-to articles on
calligraphy, bookbinding, artists books, papermaking, making greeting cards,
paper decoration (marbling, paste papers, etc), and bookmaking for kids.
Contributors are paid for articles.

Tabellae Ansata
Subscription            USA       Others
1 year (four issues) $25 USD   $33 USD
2 years (8 issues)   $40 USD   $60 USD
Special Offer through 5-31-00: 1 year USA only $20, Others only $30 USD.
Payment is in US funds. Check, Money order, Mastercard, Visa, Discover

Letter Arts Review Update

Issue 15-3 of Letter Arts Review is very late. It is at the mailing service
now and should mail this week. This is the Annual Issue. Issue 15-2 was
mailed in October. It was green with a large W on the cover. Issue 15-4
should be mailed in June of 2000.

Subscription Prices; USA    Canada           Others
1 year (four issues)    $42      $45 USD        $62 USD
2 years (eight issues) $75      $81 USD       $107USD
Payment is in US funds. Check, Money order, Mastercard, Visa, Discover

For Letter Arts Review, there is a 10% discount for students, but you must
send in your subscriptions in a group. We can send a packet of info to your
teacher with all the details about the offer.

John Neal
Letter Arts Review
John Neal, Bookseller
Tabellae Ansata
PO Box 9986
Greensboro, NC 27429
fax 336-272-9015
email: info@JohnNealBooks.com

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