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Re: Web Site is up!!

In a message dated 4/18/00 1:36:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
pjohnston@ELKO-NV.COM writes:

<< www.venuspublishing.com >>

There is a format error on http://www.venuspublishing.com/home.html
The Books][Writers][Links][Contact]  portion is overwritten by the text.
What you need to do is compare how each page looks when viewed with a
browser. There are often small format changes that need to be touched up like
this one.

This page, http://www.venuspublishing.com/angels.html, also has a serious
format error.  The angel graphic at the top overwrites the text.  Cute
graphic though.

There is another problem on this page, the text "Come and see our match-book
stickies,..."    It is not clear who people should "come and see" it is also
not clear where those interested should go.  Very confusing sentence that is
just hanging there with plenty of good intent but little ultimate purpose.

The book looks interesting, but there should be more graphics to back this
up. There should be 4 or 5 more pages of images from the book so folks can
get as excited about the book as you are.

Good Luck!
DT Fletcher

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