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Re: cartridge paper

Cartridge paper has been in wide use here in Australia for many years.
It has tended to be a paper of weight at least 100 -120 gram, which is
a grade or two heavier than that used for letterheads.  (Sorry, we
don't know the imperial equivalent).  It is usually available in large
sheets, is cheap to buy, and often has a rougher surface, although we
have recently been given a pack of Indonesian cartridge paper which is
as smooth as any higher grade paper.  It is available in various
degrees of whiteness, just like photocopy paper.

No specific attention has been given to it having conservation
properties.  It is a run-of-the-mill, good quality paper.  Quite
acceptable as endpapers for your ordinary casing work with books of
lower value.

Will break down within 300 years, so the Library of Congress is
unlikely to use it!

Peter Krantz.

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