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Re: Web Site is up!!

At 19:57 4/18/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Looked fine to me. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to design
>for every combination of browser, monitor size, resolution, etc. None of
>the text overlapped anything that I could see on my 15" monitor at
>800X600 resolution.

It's not as hard as most believe to design for the most common monitors /
browsers.  On my 14 inch 800x600 with Netscape 4.5 the site is a horror...
And that's very near the most common combination on the web.  (Based on
anecdotal evidence (for monitor size) and my site statistics program.)  The
problem is usually the web designer is more stuck on a cool design than on

It's actually easy to avoid most problems...  Don't use layers, avoid style
sheets, and don't use DIV ABSOLUTE.  The website in question could have
been done without all these things and still look as outstanding.

http://www.venuspublishing.com/books.html is a particular horror because
books1.gif is 816 pixels wide..   for no reason that I can see.  There are
numerous overlaps.

Bet they used Front Page and huge monitors....

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