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FYI - invite

This might be a little bit off topic...but
not too bad. If you know of someone who
might be interested, please forward this email
onto them.  Thank you.

This is an invitation to you to have a look at
this website here:


It's called the Encyclopaedia Cicerone.

Encyclopaedia Cicero is a comprehensive listing of
micronations, imaginary countries or states,
virtual cities, nations or countries, imaginary
cities or planets AND the forms of artistic
expression within that world. This includes
artistamps, postcards, first day covers,
commemorative artworks of *any* sort for your

Consider browsing the entries already in the
encyclopaedia. This service is completely free
with no advertising; opportunities to network with
artists; subscribe to Cicero News; as well as be a
part of the wealth and incredible talent in the
virtual world yet to be explored and settled.

Craig Andrews
...."where art and worlds collide...."

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