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Call for Calligraphy Teachers for Conference

Masscribes is hosting the 21st International Gathering of Lettering Artists
"2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey" July 28 - August 4, 2001 in Boston, MA, USA.

We are looking for interested faculty to submit course ideas for either
two-and-a-half or five-day workshops. You may elect to teach on your own or
as part of a team.

This year our criteria for faculty selection will be based upon course ideas.
To this end, part of our selection process will be "blind".  We are seeking a
mix of courses that run the full spectrum of student abilities from beginner
through expert.  Both conventional and experimental classes will be featured
with no emphasis strongly placed in either direction. In essence, we are
looking for a well-rounded offering of courses with something for everyone.

If you are a gifted teacher obscured by the crowd, this is your chance to
shine on the basis of your skills. We are eager to have representation of
both famous and soon-to-be famous instructors.

We request that you submit your course proposal in two separate parts within
the mailing:
1. A single sheet including your name, address and contact numbers as well as
a brief biography.
2. A page, or pages with your course description and supporting materials.
These materials may be samples of your work in any form you wish (slides,
photocopies, etc.).  A list of past workshops taught (with contacts) is
helpful where applicable. Please make sure that your name does not appear on
these documents.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our deadline for receipt of proposals is
June 15, 2000. Materials should be sent to Aimee Michaels, Attention: Faculty
Proposal, 196 Lasell St., West Roxbury, MA 01232, USA. Please feel free to
call, write, fax or email any questions.

We thank you,

Carole Roy and Mandy Young
2001 Faculty  co-chairs

Aimee Michaels, Director
 2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
July 28th - August 4th, 2001

196 Lasell Street
West Roxbury MA 02132
617-323-9396   (phone)
617-323-4954   (fax)

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