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The following items have been posted on the WOID Archives.

1) WOID #III-42. Review: James Mosley on Sans-Serifs.
2) WOID #III-43. Review: Michael Madore.
3) WOID #III-44. Review: James Castle at AIGA.
4) WOID #III-45. Review: The Whitney Biennial.
5) WOID #III-46. Review: Libri Mai Mai Visti.

To view, go to my web site, below, and click WOID.

Paul Werner, New York City
     DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES: a project to research and teach the
techniques of the Medieval scribe and artist.
     THE ORANGE PRESS: most recent titles: "Vellum Preparation:
History and Technique," and "Dragonsblood and Ashes: the Beta
     WOID: a journal of visual language in New York, including reviews,
listings and resources.

            BOOK_ARTS-L: The listserv for all the book arts.
      For subscription information, the Archive, and other related
            resources and links go to the Book_Arts-L FAQ at:

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