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Re: Digital cameras

NB: Please reply PRIVATELY/OFF-LIST to <lawrence@dhc.net>

I just got the Olympus D-360 Zoom on Sunday & it seems to work well.

I took some pictures this morning of wildflowers I'm growing and also some of the binding
I'm working on right now. The only problem I've encountered so far is getting in really
close to an object (like 1") with the flash tends to do strange things to the color. I
think I just need to experiment more.

If you'd like me to send the reduced images please reply PRIVATELY/OFF-LIST to me at
<lawrence@dhc.net>. If you'd like me to send the the original *LARGE* pictures, I'll do
so, but don't want to clog up your mailbox. --Dave.

I got bookbinding tools for my boyfriend -- best trade I ever made!
David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas

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