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I am intrigued by the possibilities of e-publishing/sales and Im wondering
if anyone on the list has had any personal experience with this. Id
appreciate being contacted off list, or otherwise if the information might
have wider interest. I know that there has been a rush into the
e-publishing market and that most of what Ive seen listed so far has to do
with text books, as opposed to illustrated books (excepting childrens
books). I am interested in the illustrated book and believe the web offers
a unique opportunity for publishing those kinds of books. Several years
ago I made a computer tooled book. The drawings and text were all
digitally produced. I have two versions of this book, one on CD in PDF
format, and the other HTML on my site. (And a third version which is hard
copy.) So..... if you have any experience, interest, in creating or
publishing/selling illustrated e-books Id appreciate hearing from you and
sharing information. Is there an e-publisher interested in this market? I
believe there must be many artists books that would lend themselves to
this kind of publishing. Id like to see books, if not in the hands of
people, at least in their eyes and minds.

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