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Re: Digital cameras

Hi, Susan,
My husband and I recently decided to buy a digital  but had a really hard
time figuring out what to buy. A lot of it has to do with what you are going
to use it for. We pretty much wanted to use it for web-related things and
wanted to have macro ability to take close ups.  There are not many cameras
in that low price range. We wanted an Olympus, but could never find one it
stock anywhere we tried.  We ended up getting a Kodak DC215 millenium
edition. It was around $300. We also got another $150 worth of extras--2
cards, an AC adapter, battery charger and batteries.  We mostly keep the
camera plugged in with the ac adapter while we are shooting.  If you use the
screen while shooting, it eats batteries.  The images are very good for web
use, but I tried printing some on my deskjet printer and they came out
pretty poorly, even at the best quality setting.  It is easy to use.  We
also got a SanDisk drive to load the images from the camera into the
computer.  It looks like a mouse, and the card fits into it and acts like
additional disk drive.  The camera comes with imaging software that works
pretty well if you don't have photoshop.

Good luck,

Lora Brueck

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